Wheel Coating



  • Clean the surface thoroughly to be free of tar, iron particles, etc. on surface.
  • Use the white microfiber suede cloth that comes with the box or use applicator of your preference. Foam applicators can also be used as a substitute
  • Apply V4 using normal pressure on applicator.
  • Make sure the area is well covered. Wait a minute and let the coating cure
  • Remove residue (not always necessary, depends on the surface) If you are working on a shiny or black-coloured surface make sure you don’t have any high spots or streaks when you are done.
  • Wait 60 minutes before adding an additional layer for maximum protection.
  • Allow curing of coating to begin. Curing can be accelerated using IR Lamps. Follow lamp manufacturer’s recommended settings.
  • Keep coating away from all polish and compound dust during curing process.