The Secret Reveals

In conventional coating products, the quality of SiO2, quartz or silica-based coating is based on the intensity and purity of the SiO2. However, they all still limited to improvement in terms of bonding with the painted surfaces. Even when the purity of SiO2 is more than 90%, the bonding strength is still weak since inorganic SiO2 components had to be bound with organic painted surface. The SiO2 coating which barely filled in the fine pores of the painted surfaces; lays only as a protective coat on the surface of the painted surface without excellent bonding strength; resulting in decrease of performance and durability significantly over time.

Without Accelerator
With Accelerator

Due to the advanced Nano-ceramic technology, AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Coating has created an innovative formulation between Nano-ceramic components and paint surface which has super resistant to various chemicals. AUTOTRIZ uses special Accelerator to ensure a stronger bonding between the coating and the paint. The Accelerator has the unique hybrid structure to strongly bond its Nano-ceramic components to the painted surface that gives the surface deep gloss and smoothness and facilitates a 100% performance of AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Technology. Hence, it provides a long-term protection of the painted surface from other elements, such as ultraviolet rays, acid rain, environmental fallouts, industrial fallouts, chemicals, etc.