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AUTOTRIZ™ Nano Polisher Kit 2.0 – (Free postage anywhere in Australia)


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AUTOTRIZ Nano Polisher Kit 2.0 is a great invention and is the most versatile mini sized polishing tool and accessories available today for spot polishing. This tool is designed to give professional detailers the ultimate polishing experience when working on the hard to reach spots where many other polishers can’t do on areas like grilles, inner door handles, logo emblems, window’s linings, interior console panels, wheels, fog lights, bumper lights, or other tiny spots.

A variety of customized mini accessories allow you to do a number of different polishing jobs. As you become familiar with the range of accessories and their uses, you will learn just how versatile the AUTOTRIZ Nano Polisher Kit 2.0 is. You’ll see dozens of uses you hadn’t thought of before.

The universal multi chuck lock mechanism makes locking the output shaft easier for changing accessories. You will appreciate the many applications that the AUTOTRIZ Nano Polisher Kit 2.0 can easily tackle.

The real secret of the AUTOTRIZ Nano Polisher Kit 2.0 is its compact size and wide variety of special accessories and attachments that makes the AUTOTRIZ Nano Polisher Kit 2.0 different from other over priced polishers.

AUTOTRIZ Nano Polisher Kit 2.0 works greatly on any rotary polishers for the optimum speed control and torque or Dremel tools for handy operation!

Add this innovative tool in your detailing tool list! It is also an ideal gift for your friends or your love one who is passionate in car detailing.

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What is this kit included?

1x Flex Extender
1x Polisher Adaptor
1x 23mm Backing Plate
3x 23mm Foam Polishing Pad
3x 23 Foam Finishing Pad
1x 15mm Backing Plate
3x 15mm Foam Polishing Pad
3x 15mm Foam Finishing Pad
2x Wool Cutting Pad
2x Soft Plush Wool Pad
1x 23mm Wool Felt
1x 15mm Wool Felt
2x Cone-Shape Foam
2x Round-Shape Foam
1x Mini Wrench
1x Allen Key

How it works?

Frequently Q&A

Q: Is this powered by air or electric?
A: It is attached to electric rotary polisher, i.e. Makita 9237CX2 or Dewalt 849X and Dremel Tool, i.e. Dremel 4000, Dremel 8200

Q: What is M14(mm) or M16(mm)?
A: It is the thread size/ diameter of the rotary polisher. You can measure thread/screw head of your polisher by using ruler. (List of countries that are probably using M16 are United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan.)

Q: How do I connect the tool to the rotary polisher or Dremel?
A: Our kit comes with a polisher adaptor which connects your polisher to the flex extender or it can be attached directly to a Dremel.

Q: What is the difference between attaching to rotary polisher and Dremel tool?
A: Rotary polisher has lower variable speed and higer torque which allows you to work for longer hours. Dremel tool has higher rotation speed (rpm) and lower torque which generates more heat, possibly lead to overheating when operating in long hours. The advantage of using Dremel is that it is very handy.


Q: Why the tool is not rotating? Why the tool stop spinning when put pressure on it?
A: Most probably, it is not tighten properly. Please use the mini wrench provided and a 18mm or adjustable wrench to tighten as shown in the following video: