AUTOTRIZ Nano ceramic technology is trusted to protect some of the world's most expensive yachts and boats which are exposed to the harshest ocean's climates & environments. AUTOTRIZ Marine's cutting edge application process consists of protecting the above water level part of boats or yachts and below water level of hull's paint.

AUTOTRIZ Marine is developed in Germany and was specifically designed to protect your valued investment of yachts, jets and boats globally. AUTOTRIZ Marine products are now being used globally in the most challenging climates; from the freezing temperatures of the Scandinavian fjords to the damaging ultraviolet rays & heat in Middle East. AUTOTRIZ leads the marine industry in effectiveness, durability and protection.


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The Problem

Above Water Line

Yachts and boats are exposed to the most harsh weather conditions of all harmful elements like salt, UV rays, acid rain and bird's droppings. Long term cleaning with strong chemicals will cause adverse effects to the gel coats making waxing becomes a difficult task to maintain the “like new” luster of gel coats. AUTOTRIZ introduces a strong and durable nano ceramic coating to form a high gloss layer on top of gel coat and effectively prevent the paint against fading, chalking, discoloration and yellowing.

Below Water Line

Bio fouling is a significant problem and headache to many boat owners. Hulls need protection against the attachment of marine organisms such as barnacles and algae. AUTOTRIZ offers the most effective protection to prevent accumulation of microorganisms on hull surfaces. Maintenance cost of cleaning boats’ hull is expensive and polluted to the environment. Our ceramic coating will make the hulls' surface super repellent to prevent the biofilm formation that make the hull cleaning process much easier.

The Ultimate Solution

AUTOTRIZ Gel Coat Coating

AUTOTRIZ Gel Coat Coating is formulated specifically for epoxy and polyester gel coats. It is an unique Nano ceramic coating that seals your gel coat of your boat, yacht or jet by forming a high gloss protective layer with ultra smooth hydrophobic characteristic that blocks out harmful UV rays and repels acid rain, oil, fuel spills and other contaminants.

AUTOTRIZ Gel Coat Coating offers excellent chemical resistance that can withstand corrosion from salt water and it cannot be removed by cleaning chemicals.

More Info

AUTOTRIZ Hull Coating

AUTOTRIZ Marine Hull Coating is a an environmentally safe and non-toxic coating to prevent attachment of microorganisms to hulls. AUTOTRIZ Marine Hull Coating is applied on underwater hull paints, to slow the growth and/or facilitate detachment of subaquatic organisms that attach to the hull. This coating is applied as two component of multi-layer coating system improving the flow of water past the hull of a boat or high performance yacht.

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