Glass Coating



  • Buff the glass surfaces thoroughly with Glass Compound (Cerium Oxide based) and make sure the surface is completely dry and free of oils.
  • Mix the V5-Base(Green bottle) and V5-Reactor(Blue bottle) with 1:1 ratio in a volume cup
  • Use 5ml+5ml for a windscreen; 15ml+15ml for whole car.
  • Wrap the applicator sponge with the white microfiber suede cloth that comes with the box or use applicator of your preference.
  • Use a syringe to pump in and out of product mixture on the applicator.
  • Wipe on entire windshield beginning on the driver’s side then passenger side. Apply product by working in horizontal (front and rear windscreen), or vertical (side windows) movements in fast motion to ensure that product is carried through evenly.
  • Multiple thin layers are better than a thick layer. Finished up the mixture by applying in 2-3 layers.
  • Wait approximately 20 minutes; wipe off completely using clean microfiber towels until all film or haze is removed.
  • Wipe clean the wipers gently with the used applicator.

V5 must be used within 30 minutes after mixing as it will lose its functionality after the chemical reaction periods. Finish all the mixture and do not re-use for next application. Do not expose to water within 2 hours. Do not turn on wipers for 24 hours for maximum durability.